Robijn Rebranding - Classics

* Made in a team while working at 1HQ, in cc with Mark Roos

Different from other detergent brands in the Netherlands, that only lay their focus on keeping your clothes fresh and clean, Robijn gives a little extra and is known as a brand that gives your wardrobe shiny bright colors and a great long-lasting scent. Robijn believes that we need to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life that makes us happy. We can even find this back in our daily routines, like something simple as doing the laundry. In the previous packaging of Robijn, the infinity lock-up of the logo was really present on the pack. With their new proposition, there is more attention for the little things like the beautiful flowers and butterflies. It almost seems like the color and scent is coming out of the pack. Besides that it smells good, the packaging also looks stunning on the closet shelf!

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