Reverse Drinks

Project for fun!

This project goes way back in time, literally and figuratively. This was a fictive project, made during a master study in Barcelona. But still, we think it looks way too fun to not share it with you! With these cans, you’ll be a true time traveller. With the different variant flavors you can choose which era you want to go! With the egg-timer on top you can determine the duration of your stay. Always wanted to be a swashbuckling pirate? Become Cleopatra’s new bff? Or be the handsome knight that saves the princess? Live out your wildest dreams with Reverse!

Rebranding / Design / Verpakkingsontwerp / Merkenbouwer / Branding / Productverpakking / Merkbeleving / Ontwerpbureau / Marketing / Merkpositie / Merkontwikkeling / Amsterdam / Ontwerptraject / FMCG / Artwork Grafisch ontwerp / Verpakkingsontwerper / Labels / Retail / Fast moving consumer good / Freelance / illustration

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